What is Punjab Patwari Salary in 2023. New Probationary Period, Basic Pay and Allowances, work profile and Permotion of Patwari 2023-24


Hi there! According to a recent report published by the Punjab government, The basic pay of a Punjab Patwari is Rs. 10300/- per month. Additionally, they may also receive allowances, depending on the rules of the state. Additionally, Patwaris may also receive additional pay based on their years of service. the salary for a Patwari in 2023 is expected to be around Rs. 30,000 per month. This salary may vary depending on the district and the experience of the individual. It is important to note that the salary may change in the future, so be sure to stay updated on any changes.

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Can a girl be patwari in punjab

Absolutely! Women have the same rights as men to become a patwari in Punjab. All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria established by the Punjab Revenue Department, which includes passing a written examination. To learn more about the requirements, you can visit the Punjab Revenue Department website. Good luck!

Probationary period of punjab patwari

The probationary period for Punjab Patwaris is generally 3 years. During this time, the Patwari is expected to demonstrate their commitment, knowledge, and aptitude for the job. The probationary period may be extended if the Patwari is not performing to the expected standard. During the probationary period, the Patwari will receive mentorship and guidance to help them work towards becoming a successful Patwari.

What is job profile of Punjab Patwari

The job profile of a Punjab Patwari is to maintain land records and revenue records of the region assigned to them. They are also responsible for collecting land revenue, resolving disputes between landowners, issuing land-related documents, and collecting taxes. They also provide guidance to village-level officers and local government bodies in land-related matters. They are also required to interact with landowners and farmers and provide them with information on land-related issues.

Punjab Patwari permoted upto which post

Congratulations on your inquiry! Punjab Patwari can be promoted up to the post of Tehsildar or Deputy Collector, depending on their performance and qualifications. The selection process normally involves a written exam followed by an interview. Best of luck in your pursuit!

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